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Dylan – Jan 08, 2021 Scammer’s website Country United States Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Initial means of contact Not applicable VIKIMORE una tienda en línea donde compre unas botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me enviaron unas botas de material sintético de muy mala calidad, reclame la devolución de mi…

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Maxi Parrots


Melinda – Sep 22, 2020 Total Scam! They DO NOT have ANY BIRDS. I WAS attempting to purchase two birds and lost $2500! Quoted me an initial price sent money and then asked for shipping in special container via airlines. They send whta appears to be legitimate documentation but its all a scam and lie!…

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Royal Pet Logistics


Jon – Nov 30, 2020 I paid for a Doberman Pincher puppy named “Jack” from for 920.00. Then the Royal Pet Logistics shipping sent an email stating they needed 1500.00 for life insurance on the puppy but would be refunded back once puppy got delivered. Thank goodness I found this and did not pay…

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Stephanie – Dec 31, 2020 Scammer’s website Scammer’s address 37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France Scammer’s email [email protected] Country United States Type of a scam Online Purchase Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook) Purchased a knife sharpener and it said it was to ship 9 – 14 days after purchase. 15 days…

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Raymond – Jan 20, 2021 Hey this is my trucking member R6147015129536 perth post office been long time where’s my money 💰 back I returned the chairs cover I need the answer please other ways I destroyed facebook and twitter I give you bad name solve this problem as soon as 🔜 possible Miguel –…

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Jennifer Atkinson

Andrew – Victim Location 94539 Type of a scam Online Purchase Will post relatively new RV listings on Facebook Marketplace with unrealistically low prices. Upon first inquiry, you will be referred to a person who is either unavailable for some reason or another (usually military duty). Multiple pictures and more detail will be offered as…

Home Remodel Pro

Stacy – Victim Location 46619 Type of a scam Home Improvement Person’s name is: (I thought he said JIM) John White (aka Chapman) along with his wife Trena White. Was asked to deposit money into a Woodforest bank account under Trena’s name also gave account number. Once I received this information I checked them out…

Best Teacup Pomeranian Puppies Home

Carrie – Jun 22, 2020 Victim Location 79707 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Online Purchase After looking up the phone number several people have reported her for the same thing [email protected]


Spencer – Mar 08, 2020 Victim Location 76549 Type of a scam Employment A person claiming to be named Martin Murray text my cell phone and said they pulled my resume from and asked me to schedule an interview. Told me the interview would be conducted through Google hangout. Offered to pay $37.00 an…


Brian – Victim Location 39204 Total money lost $69.99 Type of a scam Other There are "foreigners" pretending to be Norton technicians. The company is iPCHELPDESK. They are very misleading and should be shut down.

Janet Wacker

Lisa – 9 h ago Victim Location 03062 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I’m an international student and this is my first year in the US. I sell my old shoes and dress on the app Poshmark and it is the first time I use it too. There are 2 buyer, both asked…

Imposter – Mercury Assurance Group

Gloria – Victim Location 76133 Type of a scam Employment I applied for personal assistant job on Craigslist and didn’t hear back so assumed I didn’t get it. I was seeking PT work. I then received an offer letter and text offering employment without an interview or call. Skeptical obviously. I can see that someone…

Credit Card Impersonator

Ernest – Victim Location 06877 Type of a scam Credit Cards I got a phone call on my cell phone: it was a recording telling me that I qualified to lower my CC rate and to press 1 for more info. I pressed 1. a gentleman came on the phone. He had an Indian accent….

Health Now Hearing Aid

Ryan – Victim Location 23518 Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare Received a call from Health Now Hearing Aids that is selling cheap hearing aids. Gave them my credit card number and now regret it because after googling the company’s phone number 347-308-5275, I found out that there is no business with that telephone number.

Regional accounts services

Tara – Victim Location 33971 Type of a scam Debt Collections Very aggressive “debt collector” calls with your personal information (ss#, full first and last name, current and previous adress) and will ask you if that is your information. Once I told them that yes it is me they went on to tell me I…


Clayton – Jul 24, 2020 Victim Location 31602 Total money lost $68.15 Type of a scam Online Purchase Hi, back on May 21st, I ordered a portable A/C unit from which they said would take about a month for me to receive since it was being sent from overseas even though they have a…

Kate – Victim Location 22079 Type of a scam Online Purchase is posing as and advertising cryptocurrency miners for sale on their website. According to, the legit business, their company only sells on Amazon, and their website actually redirects you to Amazon. Crypto even has online customer service representatives. Tina –…